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Does a development constitute a number of separate buildings for freehold enfranchisement?

Does a development constitute a single “building” or a number of separate “buildings” for the purpose of freehold enfranchisement?

There have been a number of decisions around the question of whether flat owners’ rights operate on a block by block basis or in respect of a number of blocks via single claim in connection with collective enfranchisement, the enfranchisement of the freehold to a single house, the right to manage and the right of first refusal.

Right to Manage in an Estate Situation – Who has control of areas shared with other buildings?

The right to manage (RTM) enables leaseholders of residential flats to take control of management of their building via an RTM company that they are members of so replacing the landlord or other third party appointed in the lease in this regard.

Deferment Rate Challenge

The deferment rate is relevant to residential leaseholders whether they are a house owner seeking their freehold, a flat owner seeking a longer lease of their flat or the freehold to their building acting in concert with other flat owners.